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It's A Start

Kara Schumann

September 2021 978-1-7375542-1-9

Back Cover Copy:

For as long as Kya can remember, she has always had a subtle voice within giving her guidance through her never monotonous life. Recent circumstances have heightened the voice to a loud roar. One mishap after another has Kya questioning her surroundings and causing fissures in her closest relationships. An impending event on the horizon could leave lasting side effects.

Will Kya's love for music and the bond of true friendships be enough to salvage her existence?


“Kya.” Luca waits for me to look at him before proceeding. “Understand that people are flawed. Understand that relationships evolve. Pleasing everyone gets you nowhere. Just do you.” Without looking away from me, he takes his notebook out of his pocket, flips it open and says, “The final segments are upon you.” 

I need answers before I relapse so I ask, “Manipulation is coming from both ends, isn’t it?” A far off beat starts to echo inside my ears causing my eardrums to take on the cadence. I close my eyes and begin to sway ever so slowly as I allow the tune to sooth and guide my instincts.


Kim M. September 2021

How far will friends go to help each other or use their friendship to further their own selfish motives? Kya and Flin have to make some tough decisions about their friendships and figure out who to trust and who are their real friends. It's A Start is a story of mystery, murder, and true friendship. Kya is able to take solace in the presence of her guardian angels to help her through making difficult decisions. It's A Start is a a passionately and emotionally filled book with characters that we all can relate to. You can empathize with Kya when she feels torn between continuing to be friends with Gordon, even though she is breaking away from the relationship with his wife, Naomi. Luca is a very complex character, but one who is always there to be Kay's guardian angel.The guardian angels provide almost an extra storyline between them and Kya. The story keeps you guessing throughout each chapter, and wanting to find out more about the group of friends and the situations and decisions they have to make. You're cheering them on at the end to see if they're going to be able to expose one of the members of their group. The end leaves you wondering if Kya will connect to her sixth sense to go on another journey with her dad.

Donna D. September 2021

The theme of friendship and loyalty ring true in this novel. The main character’s journey to find peace after losing a former friend keeps you on edge as her true friends help support and guide her through harrowing events. The story keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next!

Nicolene November 2021

I envied a lot of the 'word-smithing'. Many passages were so succinct with the powerful word choices; it was like reading poetry.

Nicole December 2021

I could literally see the whole story happening as I was reading. It is clearly descriptive. I enjoyed the three spirits storyline. Very whimsical; totally connected with it. Incredible first book. Can't wait util the next one.